Registration open to previous sellers now. Shift sign up starts February 1st, 2021

Registration opens for new MOPS, Alleluia! or Little Blessings
February 5th, 2021

Other registration opens February 8th, 2021

Final Registration deadline is February 24th, 2021

Items Accepted for the Sale

Items Accepted for the Spring/Summer Sale
  • Spring/Summer clothing
  • Spring Jackets
  • Sandals, flip flops, spring/summer shoes
Items Accepted for the Fall/Winter Sale
  • Fall/Winter clothing
  • Fall Jackets and Winter coats
  • Boots, closed toe shoes, fall/winter shoes
Items Accepted at Both Sales
  • Infant to girls size 16 and boys size 20.  Clothes must be clean, tagged and hanging on hangers (with the hook facing the left, like a question mark) with no rips, tears or stains.  All sets must be safety pinned together or if using multiple handers - tie or rubber band together.
  • Jeans and Pants.  Be aware of stained/thinning knees and holes near the back pocket, as well as fraying heels. 
  • Shoes.  Only new or like new shoes will be accepted.  All shoes must be placed in plastic zip lock type bag with the top sealed with clear packing tape and the tag taped to the outside of the bag.
  • Maternity Clothing.  All up to date, well cared for maternity items will be accepted.
  • Dress Up/Make Believe Costumes.  Kids costumes for dress up and make believe.  Power Rangers, Spiderman, Princess, Batman, capes, feather boas, etc..
  • Infant Equipment.  All infant items including sheets, crib sets, comforters, pack and plays, exer-saucers, walkers, strollers, high chairs, etc..  Please make sure that all equipment is clean, assembled, has all parts and pads, and has batteries if required.  Instructions would be nice if you can find them.  We will not accept any equipment that is not clean.
  • Furniture, changing tables, book cases, toddler and children's beds, toy chests and bins, train tables, etc..
  • Infant Bedding and Accessories.  We accept all infant bedding, receiving and nursing items.  You are welcome to put bedding and blankets in plastic bags, however we recommend that you hang all blankets and bedding on hangers, because they do sell better if they can be inspected by the buyer. 

        Toys and Games

  • All toys and games for children need to be clean, in working order and bagged.
  • Infant and toddler toys.
  • Dolls - Barbie, Polly Pockets, Bratz, etc..
  • Books, puzzle, games, videos, and DVD's.  They need to be in working order and placed in a zip lock bag.  No more than 2 videos per bag.
  • Building Toys - Legos, Mega Blocks, wooden blocks, etc..
  • Cars and Trucks - Hot Wheels, construction equipment, fire trucks, etc..
  • Creative Items - Sewing cards, craft kids, stickers (full sheets), stamps (kid related)
  • Doll houses, riding toys, playhouses, cube slides, etc..  Please make sure that all pieces are included.  Small pieces should be placed in zip lock plastic bags with the top sealed and the tag on the outside of the bag.
  • All toys with batteries should include them.
  • Only animated stuffed animals and popular characters will be allowed.  No other stuffed animals. 
  • Instructions for any item would be nice if you can find them.
What Not to Consign
  • Out of season clothing.
  • Stained, out of date or damaged items.
  • Items with missing parts or batteries.
  • Bottles, pacifiers, and sippy cups unless they are new in original package.
  • Underwear (we will accept new in packages and training pants)
  • Puzzles, Games or Other Toys with missing parts or pieces.
  • Un-clean toys or toys without batteries.
  • Any clothing with sexual innuendos or words.  We want to make this a wholesome family event. 
  • No computers, TV's, vcr's, dvd players, game systems or video games that have any violence.
  • Un-tagged items

A note on Car Seats:  They need to be less than 7 years old.  Car seats must be clean or they will not sell.

We will not accept anything that has been recalled by the manufacture.  Please check your items before you bring them in.