Registration open to previous sellers now. Shift sign up starts February 1st, 2021

Registration opens for new MOPS, Alleluia! or Little Blessings
February 5th, 2021

Other registration opens February 8th, 2021

Final Registration deadline is February 24th, 2021

Who Are We?

Little Lambs Consignment Sale is a "one stop shop" for everything kid-related, from clothing to toys to bedding and everything in between.  The sale is a great opportunity to sell and purchase quality children's items for a fraction of their original price.  Afterwards, Little Lambs Consignment Sale will donate many unsold items, to local charities and families in need.  It is truly a win-win situation!

What is a seasonal children's consignment sale?
The sale is usually held twice a year, once in the spring for spring/summer items and once in the fall for fall/winter items.  A children's consignment sale is a great way for you to rid your home of the things your children have outgrown and earn some money.  We are not a garage sale and you do not have to be present during the sale to sell your items.  We sell items on your behalf and handle everything from the venue and advertising to merchandising (racks and tables) and shopper payments. 
Little Lambs offers many advantages over garage sales.  First, we offer thousands of items in all different categories under one roof.  Another advantage is quality.  People know they will find quality, name-brand items at our sale. 

What types of items will be for sale?
Just about any item related to children will be offered for sale.  Each sale will include a unique array of children's merchandise.  You will find children and maternity clothing, toys, books, games, puzzles, videos/DVD's, nursery items (including furniture), bikes, outdoor toys and much more!  Prices are reasonable, but higher than garage sales.  Most often they range between 20-60% of the original price of the item.  Item prices are non-negotiable.  Our goal is to provide you with quality merchandise.  Please only bring items that you would consider to be like new or in excellent condition. 

What are the benefits of consigning?
There are many benefits to participating in consignment sales. 
De-cluttering & Recycling:  Twice a year you can go through the mountain of clothing, toys and equipment that accumulate in your home and get rid of the excess.
Income: Another benefit is the income from the sale.  This is especially useful for stay-at-home moms.  You'll be surprised how quickly your items will add up.  If you sell $200 worth of clothing, toys and equipment, you could earn about $140.  Consider also that you can purchase needed items at the sale, and thus save even more.
Pre-Shopping:  As a consignor, you will be able to shop before the sale is open to the public. 

Why consign with Little Lambs and how does it work?
At our sale, the sellers tag and price their items (they determine the price) and bring them to us to sell for them.  Generally, prices are about 20-60% of what the item cost when it was new.  The seller then receives 65-75% of the selling price of their items, based on the number of shifts worked.  The remaining 25-35% goes to operating costs and various ministries at Alleluia!  The registration fee of $10.00 goes to assist with mailings/postage, advertising and the many other costs associated with this large event. 

How do I become a seller?
Once registration is open, you need to sign up to register through the links on the Registration page.  You will sign up for a drop off time and for the shifts you want to work.  You will then receive a confirmation email with your seller (consignor) number and tagging information.  You must register for each sale (fall and spring each year), but your seller number will remain the same.  With the same seller number, you can start tagging items for the next sale before you have to register.  You may lose your seller number if you do not sell for two consecutive sales.

What is my percentage of the sale and when will I receive my check?
You will receive 65-75% of your sales.  Your check will be calculated as follows minus any fees owed.  Your check will be available for pick up within 10 to 14 days after the sale. We will be cutting the tags off of the items at checkout and we will be using the tags to figure your percentage. 
Shifts Worked Pre Sale Shop Time  Percentage of Sales 
3 shifts (6 hours)  Thursday, shop beginning at 5:00pm  Earn 75% of your sales
 2 shifts (4 hours) Thursday, shop beginning at 6:00pm   Earn 70% of your sales
 1 shift (2 hours)  Thursday, shop beginning at 7:00pm  Earn 65% of your sales

Do you change prices?
No, we contract with you, the seller, that we will sell the item(s) at the stated price.  However, we do offer a half price sale on Saturday for select items only.  You choose on the tag if you want to reduce any item.

Can I generate my own tags? (No tagging needed for online sale.)
Yes you can generate your tags.  All of the data entry is done through the links on the Registration page.  Please use our tag format ONLY.  This will help us to have a quicker check out process and turn-around time for the reimbursement checks.  We use card stock paper (65 or 110 lb) for our tags.  Do not use normal weight paper or construction paper for tags!  It rips, tears, and just does not hold up during shopping. 

Your registration fee includes up to 300 tags.  If more tags are needed, you will need to register (and pay for another $10.00 fee and volunteer for one more shift) for a second seller for 300 more tags. 

Can I donate my items to the church to sell?
Yes, you can donate your items and let the church and sale receive 100% of your sales.  You can drop off your donations in the church office during regular hours any time leading up to the Wednesday before the sale.

Check in, drop off and pick up procedures: (Drop off only sold items for online sale.)
When you come to drop off, you will check-in and leave your items in a designated spot.  We review your items during the shifts and if you have any items that are unacceptable, we will call you and place the items back in your bin if you would like to pick them up.  Please do not be offended if we do not accept all of your items.  It is very easy to miss a small stain or mark on the clothing.  Please have your clothing items in size order to expedite sorting.  You will need to assemble and set up any items that need assembling (for example, pack-n-plays, highchairs, playhouses, infant swings, etc..).  However, volunteers can assist you as needed.  Make sure you bring any necessary tools for assembly. Consignors planning to pick up items after the sale are encouraged to leave a box/bin labeled with your seller ID and last name (no lids, please) for sorters to fill with unsold items.  These will be returned to you at pick up (usually 4:00 on Saturday.)