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Tagging Your Items

Some things you will need to have on hand: hangers, safety pins - (NO straight pins), plastic bags, clear packaging tape - (NO scotch tape), pens, tags, and inventory sheets.

Minimum price is $1.00.  Please price in 50 cent increments.  We recommend 20-60% of the original price if the item is in excellent condition.  Just keep in mind how much you used it and what condition it is in now.  Any items you want to go for 1/2 price on Saturday MUST have YES marked on the tag or it will be sold for the stated price.

Size:  Use real sizes only (not S, M, or L or lbs except on maternity clothes).  If you have an item that is a 4T but it fits like a 3T then size it as 3T so we can put it with the best fitting size. 
Description:  Details help sell an item.  Include: Number of pieces, brand name, # of times worn (new, barely worn) if applicable, and brief description.  A detailed description also helps us if the tag becomes lost from the item.

Item Preparation
Please take the time to review this information carefully, even if you've consigned with us before as some guidelines have changed.  This will save you time and ensure you make the most of your sales.  Pay careful attention to the acceptable items list.
  • Clothing must be free of stains, tears and excessive wear.
  • All clothes need to be clean with no musty, smoky or mildew smell and in style.  All buttons, snaps, and zippers must work.  Also, no holes, rips or tears allowed.
  • All hangers must face the same direction (like a question mark "?" opened to the left).  Tags should be secured with normal or larger safety pins to the garment's left shoulder (on your right side as you look at the item).  NO EXTRA SMALL SAFETY PINS, STRAIGHT PINS OR STAPLES!
  • Please use packaging tape to secure tags only when safety pins will not work (books, toys, shoes, etc..).  Please review the pictures for the proper placement of safety pins and tape  on the tags.
  • Smaller items or multiple items can be put into zip lock bags with tags secured to the outside of the bag with packaging tape on the top and bottom of the tag.
  • Seal zip lock bags shut.  We want to make sure no little hands get inside the zipper bags and take out items.
  • Shoes need to be placed in a zip lock bag with the tag taped to the outside.
  • Please recheck to make sure DVD's, computer games, CD's are in their cases and that puzzles and games have all their pieces.  There is nothing more frustrating than to buy puzzles and games and find out when you get home they have missing pieces!
  • All consigned items must be clean, pleasant smelling and in WORKING order with batteries.
  • To keep our reputation of high quality items, we depend on you, the seller, to screen your items.  Take a little more time cleaning items and you can probably ask more for them.
  • Make your items look brand new.  The more time you take to wash and iron your clothing, the better it will look to a buyer.
  • Make sure to button all buttons, snap snaps, tie bows and zip zippers!
  • Matching accessories should be secured with safety pins (i.e. bows, belts, bibs).
  • We do inspect all items at drop-off.  We reserve the right to right to refuse any item due to being outdated, unclean, stained or ripped.  Buyers and sellers appreciate strict high standards.
  • Make sure the manufacturer has not recalled your car seat and items.  This information can be found at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's Website.

Please try to use these categories when tagging your items so they will be placed in the right area.  We will have signs made for the items in green. 

Boys - clothes, coats, shoes
Girls - clothes, coats, shoes
Boys Accessories - socks, belts
Girls Accessories - socks, tights, purses, hair bows
Maternity Clothes - all seasons
Infant Toys
Toddler Toys
Dolls - Barbie, polly pockets, puppy in my pocket, littlest pet shop, doll houses and accessories
Dress Up Items - tiaras, jewelry, shoes, clothes
Action Figures
Trucks and Cars
Electrics - educational toys and accessories, v-tech, leap frog, story reader, leapster
Electric Games - computer wii, ds, playstation
Blocks - lego mega block, waffle blocks, wooden blocks
    Earlier Reader
    Other Books - coloring books, educational books
Creative Items
Large Toys - exer-saucers, ride-on-toys, kitchens, workbench, vanity, tents
Outside Items - bikes, skateboards, scooters
Nursery Items - crib bedding, kids bedding, nursery décor, diaper bags, safety items, gates
Furniture/Car Seats - toddler beds, changing tables, high chairs, strollers